How To Reduce Deformation in CNC Wire Cutting Process?

Because of high product quality and precision, CNC machining is widely used in the machining field. CNC wire cutting process, the last process of the most processed workpieces, is often difficult to make up when the workpiece is deformed. Therefore, it is necessary to take corresponding measures in the processing, formulate reasonable cutting route, and effectively reduce the deformation of the workpiece. Then, how to effectively reduce the deformation of the workpiece in the use of CNC wire cutting process?

1. Avoid working from the outside of the workpiece to the end of the processing, avoid the deformation of the workpiece caused by the destruction of the strength of the workpiece.

2. Do not process along the end face of the workpiece. In this way, the electrode wire is subjected to electric spark impact force in one direction during discharge, which can lead to unstable operation of the electrode wire and cannot guarantee the dimension and surface accuracy.

3. Processing distance from the end surface should be greater than 5mm. This can effectively ensure that the strength of the workpiece structure is less affected or not affectedand avoid deformation.

4. The processing route needs to be processed in the direction of the workpiece holder, which can effectively avoid the deformation during processing, and finally it is turned to the workpiece holder for processing.

5. In the general case, it is preferable to arrange the dividing line segment of the workpiece and the clamping portion at the end of the cutting program.

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Post time: Jan-07-2021