CNC lathe processing grinding the fundamental characteristics

CNC lathe processing grinding the fundamental characteristics are:

1.Grinding power is high. Grinding wheel relative to the workpiece for high-speed rotation, usually wheel speed reach35m / s, about 20 times the normal tool, the machine can get a higher metal removal rate. With the development of grinding new technology, the power of grinding makes further progress, in some processes have replaced the turning, milling, planing, directly from the rough processing.

2.Can get high precision machining tolerance and very low surface roughness. Each abrasive grain cuttingoff the chip layer is very thin, usually has several microns, so the appearance can get high precision and low surface roughness. Usually accurate up to IT6 ~ IT7, surface roughness reach to08-0.051xm; high precision grinding can be achieved higher.

3.Cutting poweris large, energy consuming is much. The grinding wheel is composed of a lot of abrasive CNC lathes, the distribution of abrasive grains in the grinding wheel is chaotic, cutting mostly at negative rake angle (-15 ‘- 85’), and the tip has a certain circle Arc radius, and thus cutting power is large, machine energy consuming is much.

4.Wideprocessing range. Grinding wheel abrasive has high hardness, thermal stability, not only can be processed non-hardened steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals and other materials, but also can processing hardened steel, all kinds of cutting tools and hard machine tools such as high hardness materials.

5.High flexibility. Replacement of the application software can easily be replaced within a certain range from the processing of one part to the processing of another part, which significantly reduces the equipment adjustment and production preparation time.

6.Complete the machine operation and the process of automation.

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Post time: Jan-10-2021